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Do I give up my right to NHS hospital care if I see a private GP?

No. If your Private GP discovers a problem that requires more specialist diagnosis and treatment, then this can be arranged privately through The Private Health Practice or, if you are happy for us to contact them, through the NHS by referral back to your NHS GP.

Do I have to leave my NHS GP to see a Private GP?

No. Your NHS registration will be kept with your NHS GP.

Your new Private GP will then communicate with your NHS GP as and when appropriate and you will be free to alternate between the two systems. The private GP gives you the time you require and the reassurance of a second opinion if required. In other words by seeing a Private GP, as and when appropriate, you can get the best of both worlds.

Do I need my NHS GP’s permission to see a Private GP?

No, you can book an appointment independently without seeing your NHS GP first.

If I see a Private GP do I have to pay in full for all future prescriptions?

If your private GP diagnoses an acute condition which requires an immediate prescription then you will have to pay for the full cost of this prescription which could be higher or lower than the NHS standard charge.

However, if you are diagnosed with a chronic condition for which treatment on the NHS would normally be available, with your permission, we would write to your NHS GP recommending the treatment. They can then usually arrange a repeat prescription. However ultimately it is your NHS GPs decision as to whether the treatment should be prescribed on the NHS.

What are the main advantages of seeing a GP privately?

Our Private GPs are all highly experienced and qualified. They will provide you with the time you need, at the time you choose, in a relaxed modern environment.

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